The Einhell battery advisor

Find the perfect battery for you!

We're the battery experts! We have created a unique battery platform with our Power X-Change battery system that ensures tangled cables and battery mix-ups are a thing of the past. So that all of your Power X-Change tools get the power they need, Power X-Change batteries are available in different capacities and power levels. And all batteries can be used in any Power X-Change tool.

With our battery advisor we help you to find the perfect combination of tool and battery, the perfect synergy between power and efficient; in other words, the perfect battery for you!

Our battery advisor: Advantages

  • A wide selection of tools and batteries
  • Appropriate measurement categories for each tool
  • The right performance for your combination
  • Suitable accessories and dealer selection
Power X‐Change battery features So that all of your Power X-Change tools get the power they need, Power X-Change batteries are available in different capacities and power levels.

3 sizes make the difference

Ampere hours (Ah)

Battery features

The ampere hours (Ah) indicator shows what operating power is possible with the device used. In a car, this would correspond to the tank capacity – the bigger it is, the longer you can drive for.

Volts (V)

Battery features

The volt (V) indicator shows what voltage the battery has. When compared with a car this would be the engine size, i.e. the displacement and thus the power of the engine.

Watts (W)

Battery features

The watt (W) indicator shows what power the battery can provide. If you compare that to a car, it corresponds to the engine power, i.e. the horse power.

Large lawns and small lawns Whether you have to mow a small front garden or half a football field: With the Einhell battery advisor you can find the perfect combination of lawn mower and Power X-Change battery!

The Einhell battery advisor can take care of that

All Power X-Change tools

The whole range

The Einhell battery advisor has in-depth information about all individual Power X-Change tools, from cordless drills to cordless lawnmowers. And it can help you to find the tool you want. You can already choose from over 100 Power X-Change devices and the list just keeps on growing.

All Power X-Change batteries

A diverse selection

The Power X-Change battery system is made up of many different battery packs. From the well-balanced all-rounder to the high-performance powerhouse, our battery advisor will find exactly the battery that suits your needs – and with a full compatibility guarantee.

Whether you're working on a doll's house or a garden shed! You can drill even in the smallest of spaces! No matter how big your construction project is, the Einhell battery advisor will help you find the right combination of cordless drill and Power X-Change battery

How the Einhell battery advisor works:

Step 1

Choose your product

Before you start the Einhell battery advisor, choose the Power X-Change tool you need to find the right battery for. This tells the battery advisor which battery requirements you need.

Step 2

Start the battery advisor

Let's get started! Click on the battery advisor on the right-hand side of your screen. At just a glance it shows you which Power X-Change batteries are suitable for your product and how the battery will affect the working performance of your tool.

Step 3

Choose your accessories

Once you have decided on the perfect Power X-Change battery for you, the Einhell battery advisor will show you corresponding charging devices and practical accessories to choose from. So you'll always be ready to go!

The Power X- Change battery in practical tests

Test 1: The cordless drill

Drilling, drilling and more drilling

How many 6x60 mm screws can be countersunk with the cordless drill TE-CD 18 Li and different Power X-Change batteries? We've tried it out and found the exact values for every battery. This is how we test our battery advisor!

Test 2: The cordless multi-sander

It all comes down to stamina!

How long can you work with the cordless multi-sander TE-OS 18/1 Li for? We've tried and tested the cordless sander with every Power X-Change battery. The Einhell battery advisor get you real-life results in minutes

Start the Einhell battery advisor now

Simply pick an area and off you go!