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Discover the Einhell robot lawn mower

Turn mowing time into leisure time

Want a beautifully maintained green lawn without having to mow it yourself? Simply leave it all to the different devices in our new range of robot lawn mowers. Whether you have a small garden or an extensive lawn: with different robot lawn mower models, accessory kits and settings options, we have the right robot for every garden. For technology fans, the Freelexo models can be controlled via an App. For those who are already part of the Power X-Change battery family, there are also robot lawn mowers with Power X-Change battery drives: Freelexo!  Simply insert the same batteries as you use in your cordless screwdrivers, lawn trimmers, etc. and the robot will get to work independently in your garden.

A new age of mowing has dawned! So, are you still mowing, or relaxing already?

Robot lawn mower video

Overview of the robot lawn mower

Freelexo BT

Freelexo BT

The interactive one. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, individual setting options are available for the Freelexo BT via app control.

  • • Part of the Power X-Change battery system
  • • Multi-area function for winding lawns
  • • App control via Bluetooth for individual setting options
  • • Working time programmable in personalised schedules via app + keypad
  • • Maximum slope: 35%
  • • Rain sensor
  • • Safety sensor system with impact, tilt and lift sensors
  • • Cutting height adjustment (20-60 mm)
  • • Theft protection via PIN code

The advantages at a glance

1 battery. 1000 possibilities.

The Power X-Change battery system from Einhell opens up a whole world of wireless freedom to you with more than 130 devices with just one battery type. The Freelexo series mowing robots are also part of the battery family: After mowing, simply click the lithium-ion battery into the cordless screwdriver or the cordless hedge trimmer and off you go. This also works with high-power 36 V devices, such as cordless chain saws. The best thing is that once you have purchased one battery (or two for 36 V devices) you can buy any additional devices 'solo'. 'Solo' means without a battery or charging device, which not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.

Anna and André present the new Einhell robot lawn mower. It is compatible with the Power X-Change battery.

Freelexo: Convenient control via the smartphone App

Thanks to the Bluetooth function, the Freelexo robot lawn mower offers individual setting options that you can easily and conveniently define from your smartphone via App control. This allows you to start the lawn robot at any time, give it fixed mowing schedules, view statistics and define many other practical settings according to your exact requirements. That's how you get a perfect lawn and a well-tended garden almost completely automatically.

Thanks to the Bluetooth function, the Freelexo can be controlled via the app.

Mowing multiple areas – for complex gardens

Most gardens are not simply made up of a square lawn, but are often very complex with obstacles and winding areas. To include these parts of the lawn in regular mowing, you now have the "Multi-Area" function. Thanks to this, the robot lawn mower can not only start from the charging station, but can also start regularly at specially defined points of the boundary wire in the garden. This will help you achieve a uniform cutting pattern over all areas of your garden.

Mowing multiple areas – for complex gardens

Gentle on the lawn: back to the docking station when it rains

We all know how it goes... as soon as you have time to mow, it's forecast to rain! Einhell's robot lawn mowers mow even when you don't have time, and thanks to their rain sensor they can detect changes in the weather and drive back to the docking station independently when it rains. This means that the robot lawn mower ensures a clean cut and protects the lawn at the same time, because mowing in wet conditions can result in bruised and torn grass blades. Once the rain has stopped, the robot lawn mower resumes work on its own and gets your garden in shape.

Back to the docking station when it rains

Get the perfect lawn by mulching

As robot lawn mowers cut the lawn at regular, short intervals, the grass clippings are much shorter compared to conventional lawn mowers such as gasoline lawn mowers and similar, which may only be done every few weeks. For this reason, the mown grass does not have to be collected and disposed of, but can be left as natural lawn mulch. The nutrients from the cut grass naturally fertilise the soil in the form of humus. The mulch also protects the blades of grass and the lawn itself from drying out and from frost. This gives you natural all-round protection for your lawn for every season.

Get the perfect lawn by mulching

Your flower beds are safe thanks to boundary wires

Robot lawn mowers with boundary wires mow completely autonomously and only what needs to be mowed. When mowing, the boundary wire provides a clear and precise boundary between the lawn to be mowed and other areas. On the way back to the charging station, this helps the robot lawn mower find its way back to the docking station.  This means that the robot lawn mower will not suddenly run off to the neighbour's, go wild in the lovingly grown flower or vegetable bed, or mow the bee-friendly wildflower meadow. Incidentally, in the event of a power failure, the robot stops automatically to prevent it from accidentally leaving the lawn.

Your flower beds are safe thanks to boundary wires
We answer your most frequently asked question about the robot lawn mowers Questions & answers about robot lawn mowers

Services and accessories for your robot lawn mower

Our services

Perfect service for your robot lawn mower

We offer you the possibility to find your perfect robot lawn mower with our "garden check". Did you find the right mower and would you rather leave the installation of the robot lawn mower to the experts? Then our service partner will help you install your robotic lawn mower. We also offer you a winter service and accessories for your lawnmower.

Book different kind of services


An extensive range of accessories for your robot lawn mower

Need additional fastening hooks, or want to enlarge the lawn area to be mowed? From connecting clamps and boundary wire, to hooks and spare blades, you can find everything you need for your robot in our Einhell shop.

An extensive range of accessories for your robot lawn mower

Firmware for your robot lawn mower

How to update the firmware for your Robot Lawn Mower

Firmware for Freelexo

How to update the firmware

  1. Please check your article and ident number onto the type plate of your robot lawn mower. You will need it for the correct firmware update.
    Please pay attention that the firmware is depending on the identnumber
  2. Load the file onto an empty USB stick and plug it into the USB port on the rear of the mower.
  3. Before installing the firmware update, place the robotic lawnmower in the mowing area. The robotic lawnmower must not be in the charging station during the software update.
  4. Activate the main switch on the mower and start the boot mode by pressing the "Power" and "OK" buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds. In boot mode all LEDs light up.
  5. Then start the update process by pressing the lock key. The LEDs indicate the progress of the update, which may take several minutes. Do not switch off the robot lawn mower during the process. A successful update is confirmed by an acoustic signal.
  6. After restarting the mower via the main switch, it can resume its work. Do not forget to remove the USB stick again.

Files to download

Articlenumber Identnumber Firmware Date File size Format Download
4326363 21020 EC10342_20210130 19/02/2021 247KB BIN Download now
21010 EC10342_20210130 19/02/2021 247KB BIN Download now

Do you have any further questions about the robot lawn mower?

We answer your most frequently asked question about the robot lawn mowers

What operating principle does the robot lawn mower follow?

  • The robot lawn mower operates according to the random principle. If the mower hits an obstacle or the boundary wire, it turns in a different direction and continues to operate.
  • This ensures that all areas of your garden are mowed.
  • The mower also changes to a spiral mode several times per working window to increase the efficiency of the random principle.

What is the mowing behaviour like?

  • The robot lawn mower mows during the operating interval you select for it. 
  • The mower operates using the random principle, so a cutting pattern cannot be recognised. 
  • An appropriate mowing time that is suitable for the size of your garden ensures a reliable and consistent mowing result.
  • Exact information as to how many square metres can be mowed per battery change depends on the type and condition of your garden and a general estimate cannot be provided. 

How does the robot lawn mower react to external influences?

  • When it rains and the rain sensor is activated, the robot lawn mower returns to the charging station to avoid damaging the lawn.
  • During thunderstorms, the charging station should be disconnected from the mains to avoid the risk of being hit by lightning.
  • In how weather, the robot lawn mower returns to the charging station and waits there until it has cooled down. The mower then starts working again automatically. In summer, you should set the operating times to cooler times of the day and place the charging station in a shaded area.

What is the mower's speed?

  • The mower moves approx. 33 cm/second on flat surfaces, which is around 1.3 km/hour. This is slightly slower than walking speed.

Can the device perform edge cutting?

  • All models have the "edge mowing" function, which means that the robot moves along the boundary wire and mows the lawn edge evenly. With the Freelexo models, you can select the edge mowing setting in the app.

How loud is the mower?

  • The volume of the robot is 59.4 dB. This is about the same volume as a quiet conversation. If the robot lawn mower is louder than usual, foreign bodies may be caught in the blades or they may have been damaged. Once you have cleaned or changed the blades, the motor volume should return to normal.

How often should the mower mow?

  • As the mower follows a random operating principle, it must mow the lawn regularly to ensure a clean cut. In addition, the lawn cuttings remain on the ground as mulch and therefore it is recommended not to let the lawn get too long. However, as every garden is unique, it is not possible to give an exact mowing interval. As a recommendation, it makes sense to use it about six days a week.

Does the mower pose a danger to pets?

  • Despite the large number of sensors and safety devices, caution is advised. Pets should never be left unattended in the garden while the robot lawn mower is in operation. In order to protect hedgehogs and other wild animals, it is recommended that the mower's working hours are not set after sunset.