18V 4-6Ah & 6A Boostcharger
Item no.:4512143EAN: 4006825667653

18V 4-6Ah & 6A Boostcharger

Item no.: 4512143 EAN: 4006825667653
  • Features 4–6 Ah Multi-Ah battery:
  • Universally compatible with all Power X-Change devices
  • Multi-Ah technology: 6 Ah mode for maximum capacity
  • 4 Ah mode to reduce strain on the battery and for 3x longer battery life
  • Plus technology: more power for intensive work
  • Battery management system (ABS) for optimal battery monitoring
  • Best performance, safety, durability and service life thanks to ABS
  • Low self-discharge thanks to high-quality Li-ion cells
  • Display of the precise level of charge in % via the digital display
  • High impact protection and good grip thanks to rubberised housing
  • Housing protected against dust and corrosion
  • Suitable for TWIN-PACK use in 36V applications
  • Power X boost charger 6A features:
  • Universally compatible with all Power X-Change batteries
  • 6A fast charging technology for even shorter charging times
  • 50% shorter charging times thanks to switchable boost mode
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimal charging
  • Reactivation of deeply discharged batteries through refresh mode
  • Information on battery and charging status via 6-way LED display
  • Simple wall mounting thanks to integrated hanging loops
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Article description

The Einhell 18 V 4–6 Ah Power X-Change PLUS Starter Kit is the perfect way to start or expand your own Power X-Change toolset at home. The Starter Kit with an 18V 4–6 Ah Power X-Change Plus battery and the Power X-Boostcharger 6A is part of the Einhell Power X-Change multifunctional and infinitely combinable battery system. The universal Power X-Change batteries supply all cordless tools in the entire product family in the garden and workshop sector with power and endurance. The chargers in the range can also be used universally for all Power X-Change batteries. The advantages for customers are clear: with one battery and one charger for all devices, you not only save considerable costs on the purchase, but its universal nature protects the environment and offers flexibility in the home and garden. There will be no mess and chaos with a wide variety of batteries and chargers for each individual device. Thanks to MULTI-Ah technology, it can be operated as an 6Ah battery for maximum runtime and as a 4Ah battery for a 3x longer total service life. The latest generation of lithium-ion cells provide 100% more power for maximum performance in all applications. In addition, our PLUS technology delivers extra power for intensive tasks. Furthermore, the high-quality battery does not suffer from the memory or self-discharge effects that most batteries do, meaning it can deliver consistent, high power. The 18V 4–6 Ah Multi-Ah Power X-Change PLUS is a high-end battery in the Power X-Change family and is also suitable for TWIN PACK use in 36V applications. The process-controlled ABS active battery management system continuously monitors the battery parameters using its integrated microprocessor. This ensures maximum safety, optimal device performance, maximum runtime and maximum service life. The Power X-Change Boostcharger 6A is the fastest charger in the Power X-Change system series. The charge times for these batteries can be significantly shortened by a switchable boost mode. 50% faster charging times and therefore constant availability of charged Power X-Change batteries is made possible by the boost mode. The battery is fully charged within 60 minutes. Power X-Change devices and tools are quickly ready for use again and develop their usual power and performance. For optimal charging and top safety the battery is constantly monitored by the smart charging management system. All current information is provided via 6-stage LED status indicator. With the help of the hanging loops, the charger can be easily mounted on the wall and requires little space.

Technical details

Number of batteries included in delivery1 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery1 pcs

Easy to switch

The Multi-Ah battery: One battery - Two modes

The Einhell Multi-Ah battery is a real all-rounder. It has two Ah modes that can be switched between at any time. If the battery is operated in the 4 Ah mode, the lifespan of the battery is increased by up to 300% compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. In higher 6 Ah mode, it delivers 50% more runtime than a 4 Ah battery and is perfect for intensive operation of heavy-duty cordless tools.



Every battery in the Power X-Change range can be flexibly combined with any tool and charger from the system family.


Maximum power

The high-quality Li-ion battery resists the memory effect and the self-discharge which usually occurs in batteries for providing constant, high power.


Best performance

The battery management system with microprocessor for maximum safety, optimal performance and maximum runtime.


Sturdy housing

The housing with recessed grip and rubber coating resists dust, corrosion and mechanical influences and offers high impact protection.


Einhell extended service

Batteries and tools can be registered directly with Einhell to extend their service period. And our service team will always be available for issues relating to repairs, spare parts and other questions.


Twin-Pack Technology

18 volts or 36 volts? Why decide? With Twin-Pack Technology, one battery type is sufficient for both voltage classes. for more power-intensive applications, such as certain lawn mowers, saws and rotary hammers, simply combine two 18 V batteries in one 36 V tool.

Professional battery set

Power X-Change: Maximum performance and short charging times

This professional starter kit, consisting of the 4–6 Ah Power X-Change PLUS battery and the 6A Power X boost charger, combines optimum battery performance, maximum power, long service life and short charging times for use with particularly powerful devices. With the Boostcharger, the 4–6 Ah PLUS battery is ready for use in just 60 minutes. If the battery stays in the charger for longer, it is gently charged to 100%.

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