Procedure in case of service

Easy, reliable, transparent!

Is your Einhell device or Power X-Change battery that has been registered via our warranty extension causing problems? If so, with our service you can easily get your product either repaired or replaced. Just contact our service team who will take care of the process. 

How it works - your tasks

  1. Check if your Einhell product is still covered by warranty. To do this, log into your Einhell account to download the appropriate certificate for your Einhell device or Power X-Change battery under the warranty extension menu item. Alternatively, you can find the warranty certificate in the confirmation email we sent you in the course of the warranty extension. The certificate shows the maximum warranty period.
  2. Please email the completed warranty certificate to us or alternatively print the completed warranty certificate and send it through the post, ensuring you keep a copy for your records. See here for our contact information. 
  3. Once your completed warranty form has been received by us we shall then inform you of all further steps of the returns process. We will provide you with information on the appropriate shipping options for your device and its safe packaging, or we can provide you with one of our competent service partners in your area. In this way we keep the periods short and process your request in the fastest possible time

Further processing - our performance

As soon as your delivery reaches us, a technical inspection will decide whether your device or battery will be repaired or replaced by an equivalent product. Our staff will process your service case as quickly as possible, so that you will soon be able to carry out projects again with your Einhell product.

Do you have questions?

Our service hotline of Einhell Service will be glad to assist you.

0151 649 1500

Monday till Thursday
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

9:30 am - 3:15 pm