Warranty Management

Collection and returns under warranty

if a valid Warranty claim is made or is within the statutory withdrawal period collection, replacement and delivery will always be free of charge. Simply set up a user account on the Einhell Service page and register your device by entering all the information requested when prompted. 

Upon Registration we will inform you of the options availble in returning your device including the collection and return process and any packaging requirements. This will help in ensuring that your claim is processed in the shortest possible time.

Return your device

  • Register your device on line
  • For all valid Warranty claims it is free of any costs or charges

Step by Step guide:

Register or log in

Create an account or log in 

Arrange a return

Register your device on line by entering the serial number, article number and ident number to use the Return service.

If your device is within the Warranty period.

All collection, returns and deliveries are free of charge

If you would like to take advantage of the Warranty please use our Warranty Service. All related costs in processing your claim including collection, return, repair and redelivery is completely free of any charges to the customer provided a valid claim is made and we will assess each claim individually.