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Einhell. Cordless Excellence.

One battery for more than 300 tools for workshop and garden

Goodbye cable tangle! Using the latest technology and ambitious visions, we have succeeded in developing a battery system that allows enjoying cordless freedom in all situations. Whether it is tools, garden tools or an e-kick scooter: By flexibly changing the battery pack and devices, it is possible to supply all members of the Power X-Change family cordlessly with just one type of battery.

Powerful devices. Powerful batteries.

Serving as a battery system for real enablers, our Power X-Change batteries are particularly powerful. With up to 1350 watts, the cordless tools and garden tools are in no way inferior to the wired counterparts. Instead of switching to 36 volt batteries for more power-intensive devices, PXC simply combines the power of two or even four batteries thanks to twin-pack technology. This creates an overview in the tool cabinet, saves money and, above all, the 18 volt batteries can then be used individually again.

Cordless freedom.

For tool and garden.

When you have no longer to worry about extension cables that are too short or sufficient sockets. When the device comes to the project instead of the other way round. When you simply insert the battery and are ready to go, whether it is a lawn mower, garden pump, rotary hammer or wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Than that is the feeling of cordless freedom. Than that is Power X-Change. That is our mission!

Latest technology.

Proven quality.

The Power X-Change batteries are the centerpiece of the platform. That is why we use only the best components such as high-performance Li-Ion cells and our intelligent ABS battery electronics in the batteries. This makes our PXC battery one of the safest in the industry and ensures efficiency, reliability and durability. We also pay attention to longevity for all other components, e.g. in the form of brushless motors. Because we are convinced of the quality, we offer the 30-day money-back guarantee on all Power X-Change devices and the guarantee extensions for devices and batteries.


Persevering. When it matters

No matter how big the projects get: With the different available capacities (Ah), the running time of the battery can be adapted to any project. Whether you just want to hang up a shelf or build an entire tree house. Whether your garden has the size of a towel or a soccer field. With Power X-Change you are up to any challenge.

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More power. More endurance. Longer service life.

With PurePOWER Brushless from Einhell.

Maintenance-free, high performance and energy efficient: PurePOWER Brushless motors from Einhell offer significant advantages over conventional carbon brush motors that speak for themselves.

This is why we have equipped our high performance tools with our PurePOWER Brushless motors with state-of-the-art, brushless drives that not only ensure maximum power and performance, but also impress in all areas and projects with even the highest demands. Friction losses or unplanned breaks due to overheating motors are a thing of the past, enabling longer battery and service life for our devices with PurePOWER Brushless motors.

PurePOWER Brushless.

Only from Einhell.

Smart functions at a glance

Smart Technology from Einhell

Using your smartphone, you can now water your garden from anywhere*, thanks to the device's direct connection to the mobile network.
In "Smart Mode", the pump automatically creates a schedule that is optimised to the weather and your preferences.
Smart Mode uses real-time weather data for the current location of the pump to adjust the irrigation times accordingly.
Already have an Einhell Smart device? Perfect! With Smart Mode, they can coordinate with each other automatically.
The times that the pump will run can be set down to the minute using the schedule setting. This means you can now water your garden even more efficiently.
No more annoying limitations due to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal ranges. Communication takes place via the cellular network.

*Requirement: Existing mobile network coverage; within the European Union
You can check the mobile coverage at your home's location using the dead zone map provided by the German Federal Network Agency.  


We are visionaries! With our ideas, our motivation and our courage to change, we are constantly discovering new opportunities, shaping the future and establishing ourselves as a permanent fixture in the market.


We win together! In a team of over 2,400 members worldwide, we work on the implementation and further development of our ideas every day. Open communication, respectful interaction and our strong team spirit have made the incredible success of recent years possible and allow us to continue writing our success story page by page.


We are unstoppable! As an international company, we impress with our battery expertise across borders. With 49 subsidiaries and 99 sales partners, we are already achieving great things and are ready to expand our network even further.

Catalogues on our products

"We are delighted to partner with Einhell. They are consistently setting new standards in their industry with the constant development of their technology. By using Einhell’s battery-powered tools and equipment, we benefit from the latest technology for maximum performance.”
Toto Wolff
Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team


Do you still have questions about the Einhell product warranty? We have summarised the most frequently asked questions of our customers for you. 

How does the registration work?

The registration is done in the same form as the battery and Pure Power brushless warranty registration. 
By entering the serial number and the date of purchase, we will tell you right at the beginning whether the device can be registered or not. 

In order to be able to conclude the warranty extension, we need the following information. 

  • Information about the device (serial number, date of purchase) 
  • Information about you (last name, first name and address)
  • Information about the dealer (dealer name, receipt number) 

How long do I have to register the warranty?

As with all other warranties, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to register your Einhell product warranty. 

Which products can I register?

The service of the Einhell product warranty is only available for products of the following Einhell brand:

  • Einhell Red
  • Einhell Classic
  • Einhell Car Classic
  • Einhell Car Expert
  • Einhell Home
  • Einhell Expert
  • Einhell Expert Plus
  • Einhell Professional

When does the warranty claim not work?

Einhell products sent in without a type plate or proof of purchase cannot be considered, nor can 2nd choice products from Einhell factory sales. Resold Einhell products via third-party suppliers or private individuals are excluded from the warranty claim. 

There is no warranty claim in the following cases: 

  • Improper use, storage, use of unsuitable operating materials.  
  • Wear and consequential damage (also to the motor) due to lack of maintenance, care, lubricants 
  • Damage to the unit due to wear and tear that is unusual or normal in use.
  • Damage to the engine caused by non-observance of the installation instructions.
  • In the case of Einhell Classic or Expert products used for commercial, manual or professional purposes (exception: Professional units may be used for this purpose)

Where do I find the serial number?

On your device there is usually a sticker next to the nameplate with a 2D bar code and the serial number (7-digit alphanumeric, i.e. numbers and capital letters).

Our success in figures.

Together we have achieved great things!
Team members
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Short Facts about your apprenticeship:

Duration of the apprenticeship: 3 years
Vocational school: Deggendorf
Department change: approx. every 4 months
Areas of work: Financial accounting, Purchasing, Sales, Returns department, Export, Human Resources department, Marketing and much more
Possible tasks: Invoices, Returns orders, Entering and processing customer orders, Booking of accounts, Preparing customer appointments, Creating product presentations, Ordering/Purchasing goods, Applicant management, Personnel processing, Writing social media posts, Correspondence with our subsidiaries, Campaign, Community & Event Management, ...
Nice to know: You can be deployed very flexibly within the company and also have numerous opportunities for further training after your apprenticeship, during your apprenticeship you will be assigned to the relevant departments depending on your interests and strengths

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How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe either via the link in the newsletter (at the very bottom) or directly in your user account under the menu item "Newsletter subscriptions". Feel free to contact our customer service.

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The robot mower models at a glance



The classic one. As part of the Power X-Change family, the Freelexo is compatible with all batteries in the system. After mowing the lawn, do you want to continue using the battery in the hedge trimmer? No problem!

  • • Programmable working time 
  • • Intuitively operated keypad
  • • Mowing programme for secondary areas
  • • Rain sensor
  • • ECO mode of the charging station
  • • Safety sensor system with impact, tilt and lift sensors
  • • Up to 35% slope    
  • • Cutting height adjustment (20-60 mm)
  • • Theft protection via PIN code

To the models
Freelexo 300 Solo | Freelexo 350

Freelexo BT

Freelexo BT

The interactive one. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, individual setting options are available for the Freelexo BT via app control.

  • • Part of the Power X-Change battery system
  • • Multi-area function for winding lawns
  • • App control via Bluetooth for individual setting options
  • • Working time programmable in personalised schedules via app + keypad
  • • Maximum slope: 35%
  • • Rain sensor
  • • Safety sensor system with impact, tilt and lift sensors
  • • Cutting height adjustment (20-60 mm)
  • • Theft protection via PIN code

To the Models
Freelexo 400 BTFreelexo 450 BT Solo | Freelexo 450 BT
Freelexo 500 BT | Freelexo 600 BT

Freelexo LCD BT

Freelexo LCD BT

The all-rounder. Thanks to the additional LCD display, the Freelexo LCD BT is particularly easy and convenient to operate in combination with the app control. 

  • • Part of the Power X-Change battery system
  • • Multi-area function for angled lawns
  • • App control via Bluetooth for individual setting options
  • • Working time programmable in personalised schedules via app + LCD display
  • • Maximum slope: 35%
  • • Rain sensor
  • • Safety sensor system with impact, tilt and lift sensors
  • • Cutting height adjustment (20-60 mm)
  • • Theft protection thanks to PIN code
  • • LCD display

To the Models
Freelexo 800 LCD BT SoloFreelexo 900 LCD BTFreelexo 1200 LCD BT

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Training fair Straubing


First Contact Deggendorf


Student career exchange Landshut

Sarah, Student of Business Administration
"Einhell is an extremely versatile company with fascinating fields of activity. The working atmosphere is very friendly and you are integrated into the teams very quickly. I really enjoy gaining experience here and learning something new every day."
Please note:

Please note the article number and the identification number directly from the type plate of your robot lawnmower.

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Contact information for the Data Protection Office is available under No. 21 below.

2. Personal Data

Personal data is specific information relating to the personal or factual circumstances of a particular or identifiable person. This includes information such as your IP address and browser settings, form of salutation, correct name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth and information about your Einhell products. In addition, as part of our services we also provide you with access protected by user name and password. As part of this process, we store your user name and password, and where necessary your sex. Personal information that cannot be directly associated with your true identity -- such as, for example, your favourite websites or the number of users on a site -- is not considered personal information.

Additionally we process the connection and identifing data for your web browser to present the appropriate content to you. 

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Find out what makes the Ozito PXC battery pack so special.

Dynamic Output: Optimised performance to suit power draw conditions

Max Safety: Continual cell monitoring of temperature, current & voltage

Heat Protection: Protection against overloading & overheating

Smart Charging: Full charging with no memory effect & minimal discharge

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